University of North Carolina School of the Arts

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts would like to request an invitation to the Okeechobee High School College Fair on Friday, October 6, 2017.  We are very excited to join FACRAO this year!  My email is the best contact for the college fair registration information.

UNCSA is unique among the 17 schools in the University of North Carolina system. We are a professional training ground for exceptionally talented and ambitious young artists.

At the heart of the profound UNCSA experience is the conservatory model of teaching and learning. Across all five of our conservatories — DanceDesign and ProductionDrama,Filmmaking, and Music — students learn one-on-one from professional artists in supportive mentor-apprentice relationships. In a conservatory, you’ll learn by doing, by trying, by failing and by creating something unimaginable.

The UNCSA conservatory experience is intense and invigorating. Yes, students work incredibly hard, but they put in the extra hours of rehearsal and editing and studio time because they love it. Challenged and encouraged by faculty mentors, surrounded by brilliant and creative peers, the conservatory provides a transformative artistic experience for aspiring professionals.

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Andrew Bates

Okeechobee Painting Thing

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Can you replicate this artwork using Illustrator?


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Final Certification Results

May 10, 2017


Bert, Pernell
Carpenter, Cole
Carran, Carla
Hernandez, Julissa
Paradise, Phillip
Tapia, Alejandra
Bates, Andrew
Graham, Larry
Liberato, Nelson
Mayers, Noah
Memon, Shahmir
Yates, Alexis


Hickman, Kalyn
Wheeler, Katlyn
Yanez, Jesus
Fralix, Cindy
Hines, Derek

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Newly Certified

Illustrator CC 2015
Carpenter, Cole
Hernandez, Julissa
Meara, Audra
Tapia, Alejandra
Liberato, Nelson

Premiere Pro CC 2015
Jansen, Sarah

PowerPoint 2016
Peet, Kaitlin
Pinon, Bryan

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2017-2018 School Calendar

2017-18 Calendar

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End the Hunger

Help spread the word!
If you copy and paste the url below into your browser, it will bring you straight to our video.  At the top of the page you will see “VOTE NOW” , that is where the students will need to click in order to submit their vote.  If you scroll down paste the written statement underneath the video you can share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. So the link can be shared in that way as well and you can vote.


Vote everyday!

The voting period will begin TODAY at 11:59am EST on April 12, 2017 and end at 11:59am EST on  May 12, 2017.

Votes will be submitted on and submitted by filling out the required information.

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Next Cert Date

APRIL 19….

InDesign and Excel certification testing.

Hours 1-4: InDesign
Hours 6-7: Excel

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Newly Certified

April 5, 2017

Illustrator CC 2015
Serrano, Andres
Spencer, Talia
Fowler, Kalysta
McKinney, Chrishia
Memon, Shahmir
O’Cain, Blayne

Premiere Pro CC 2015
Chesser, Bruce
Hudgins, Austin
Spano, Brett

Dreamweaver CC 2015
Hotmire, Daniel (2015)
Lapp, Kitana (2015)

Excel 2016
Edenfield, Stephen

PowerPoint 2016
Etherton, Logan
Jacobo, Alexandra
Parsley, Payge
Jamison, Kristina

Word 2016
Caron, Kado
White, Adam

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