Digital Design 1 – Sept. 7, 2012

1.  Check Assignments
Open H:/Design/Photoshop/Chp1
Instructor to check for the following: blank, playground, ps1-2, review, rafting

2. Email Communicating Effectively With Client to English teacher
Open Chp. 1 Google Doc Copy Answer to #9 (Communicating Effectively With Client)
Open Gmail in new tab
Create email
To: English Teacher’s Email Address
Subject: Communicating Effectively With Client
Body: Paste #9 Answer in body.
Should be at least 50 words and also have web source on the bottom.

3. Email Chp. 1 Summary to English teacher
Switch to Chp 1 Google Docs tab
Copy Summary Switch to Gmail in other tab
Create email
To: English Teacher’s Email Address
Subject: Getting Started With Adobe Photoshop
Body: Paste your summary of at least five sentences

4. Share Chp. 1 Worksheet with Instructor
Switch to Chp. 1 Google Docs tab
Click on Share (top right of screen)
Put in my gmail address:
Press Share

5. Exit Docs & Email
Leave open.

6. Chp. 1 Test
Navigate to W:/1_Pung/1_Classes/1_DDI/tests
Double click on ps5_chp1
You may use your book to help but you can NOT use your neighbor.

7. Skyward/Play
If time you may check Skyward.
Once you have checked Skyward and if you do not have any missing assignments from me, you may play an internet game that is appropriate for school.

8. Go Home!

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