Digital Design 1 – September 28

REMINDER – OCTOBER 12 Vocab is Due

1. Answer Poll Question: 1_7 Bridge

2. Review Answer to Yesterday’s Poll: 1_6 Change Resolution

3. Create and Print Contact Sheet For Chapter 4
Use Bridge CS5
US Paper
3 Columns
2 Rows
Name in Header (right)
Chapter 4 in Footer (right)

  • Kitchen Table
  • 4-25: Cute Cats.psd
  • 4-26: Portrait.psd
  • 4-27: Marathon Contest.psd
  • 4-28: Sample Compositing.psd
  • 4-29: Total Sportz

4. Questions and Summary Type questions and answers in Docs and Share w/Mr. Pung Title – PS Chp4 first letter_last name

  1. Name at least 6 selection tools.
  2. How do you know which selection tool is the best to use?
  3. How do you add a Guide?
  4. What are Smart Guides and how do I turn them on?
  5. If you make a selection and need to adjust what you have, what are your options?
  6. What are some things that can be done to transform a selection?
  7. Photoshop Chapter 4 Summary
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