The Senior class begged and pleaded to bring Jail and Bail back.  Because it has not been done for a couple of years, most students on campus (and several new-to-us teachers) do not know what it is.
If you have a chance today/tomorrow, consider taking a few minutes to discuss with your students what Jail and Bail is all about.  Students need to be prepared and have the money with them on Wednesday in order for it to be a success.  This is one of the events that they can’t just “catch on” to at the time of the auction.
We will send out a schedule soon explaining the times of release for both the auction and the students who must work their bail off.
The basics:
Anyone (including teachers) may bid on the groups of Seniors placed in jail. An auction will be held in the afternoon (during the school day) to bail the Seniors out of jail.
The highest bid “bails” the students out of jail.  (Payment must be made immediately).  Historically, bids have ranged from $5 to over $1,000 per group.
On Thursday, the bailed out students are at the mercy of the people who bailed them out.  In the past they have been subjected to dressing up, singing songs, carrying/wheeling around people,  announcing the arrival/departure of their person, etc.  It is a funny (and crazy) day on Thursday.
All proceeds will go to the Senior Grad-Nite party for gifts/prizes for our kids.
Without your help, encouragement and explanation this event will likely be a flop.  We have a video commercial playing on the announcements, but I’m not sure that they quite understand it.
Thank you for you help. We hope to have a great auction on Wednesday.
-Sam and Jenn
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