September 10

Working with Layers

Photoshop Chp. 3 Exercises

  • Up in the air.psd
  • Yellow striped balloon.psd
  • Up in the air copy.psd
  • 3-23: Music Store.psd
  • 3-23: Music Store Copy.psd
  • 3-25: Combat Fraud.psd
  • 3-26: Giraffe promotion.psd
  • 3-27: Coffee Cover.psd
  • 3-28: Harvest market.psd

You should be able to:

  • Identify a Type Layer
  • Identify an Image layer
  • Where do you find the background layer (top, bottom) of the stack
  • Show the ruler
  • Change ruler from pixels to inches
  • How do you create a new workspace
  • How do you merge layers
  • Change the blending mode of a layer
  • Name a layer
  • Delete a layer
  • Crop an image
  • Making a selection
  • Moving an image from one document to another
  • Duplicate a layer
  • Grouping
  • Adding color to a layer
  • Rename a layer
  • Layer from background
  • Convert background to an image layer
  • Defringe
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