Oct. 22

2nd Nine Weeks – WEEKLY TERMS – DUE Dec 5th

Photoshop Chapter 6 Test

  1. Create a 500 x 500 pixel image, resolution 225 (for print) and CMYK color mode with a white background.
  2. Turn on Character Panel
  3. Create a horizontal type layer. Type your name using a san serif font type and the point size of 20
  4. Duplicate the layer and move the duplicated layer to another position within the document.
  5. On the duplicated name, change the horizontal spacing to 180%.
  6. Add a drop shadow to the original layer.
  7. Create a vertical type layer, put in the year of graduation using a serif font.
  8. Change the color of the year using the following C=73, M=94, Y=1, K-0.
  9. Create a layer style named “test” on the layer you added the drop shadow to.
  10. Apply the saved layer style to the year type layer.
  11. Create another type layer on path using the word “congrats’.
  12. Print, scale to 200% with corner crop marks.
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