September 2

Photoshop Chapter 1 Questions
Type questions and answers in Docs and Share w/Mr. Pung Title – PS Chp1 first letter_last name

  1. Pg 1-31, Answer Question 1 – What elements of composition are under your control?
  2. Pg 1-31, Answer Question 2 – How can a page be balanced?
  3. Pg 1-31, Answer Question 3 – Name three differences between print and web design.
  4. Pg 1-31, Answer Question 4 – Under what conditions can an image not be used in a project?
  5. Pg 1-32, What is Bridge used for?
  6. Pg 1-32, Two differences between Bridge and Mini Bridge.
  7. Pg 1-32, What is the best usage of Bridge?
  8. Pg 1-32, What is the best usage of Mini Bridge?
  9. Pg. 1-33, How to interact effectively with your design client? 50 Words and website source
  10. Pg. 1-34, One website for difference between print and web-design principles

You Should Have a “Chp1″ folder in your “Photoshop” folder in your “Design” folder.

The following files should be in there for me to check:

  • Playground.psd
  • PS1-1
  • PS1-2
  • PS1-3
  • 1-31: Review.psd
  • 1-31: Rafting.jpg
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