September 24

Photoshop Chp. 5 Exercises

  • Basketball Star.psd
  • Basketball Star Colorized.psd
  • 5-35: Firetruck.psd
  • 5-35: Firetruck Colorized.psd
  • 5-37: Fix-It All
  • 5-38: Preschool
  • 5-39: Chocolate
  • 5-40: Rubberband

Photoshop Chapter 5 Questions
Type questions and answers in Docs and Share w/Mr. Pung Title – PS Chp5 first letter_last name

1. What color models are available in Photoshop?

2. Besides White, Black, or Red list a color and give me the:

  • Hexadecimal value
  • RGB value
  • CMYK value

3. In this chapter you learned about the extension of Kuler where you can search for color sets. Explain how this could benefit you as a designer.

4. Identify colors and their associated meanings.


5. Primary Colors are made up of what three colors?

6. Analogous Colors are located where on the color wheel?

7. Complementary Colors are made up of two colors with what relationship on the color wheel?

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