Monday, October 6

Photoshop Chp. 6 Exercises

  • Center Stage Concerts
  • 6-31: ZD Logo.psd
  • 6-32: Nature’s Bounty Web Promo
  • 6-33: Milk Promotion
  • 6-34: Attitude
  • 6-35: Community Promotion (Make this for Okeechobee, FL)

Photoshop Chapter 6 Questions
Type questions and answers in Docs and Share w/Mr. Pung Title – PS Chp6 first letter_last name

  1. Who is Matthew Carter? What are some of his known works? When did he start creating?
  2. How can you tell the difference between a serif and san serif font?
  3. What type of font is best for screen?
  4. What type of font is best for print?
  5. Explain the difference between a vector and bitmap.
  6. How many points are in one inch?
  7. How many pica are in one inch?
  8. If you wanted your text to be one inch tall, what point size would you set your font to?
  9. Can you create a horizontal type layer?
  10. Can you create a vertical type layer?
  11. Explain the difference between Kerning and Tracking.
  12. What is leading?
  13. Can you turn on (show) the character panel?
  14. Set horizontal spacing using your character panel?
  15. How do you know if you have a text layer in your document?
  16. What does Rasterize do to text?
  17. What should you do before you rasterize?
  18. Are you able to apply a drop shadow to a text layer?
  19. An outer glow is one type of layer style. How would you save this style and apply it to another type layer?
  20. What does Anti-aliasing do?
  21. Demonstrate that you can change the five different anti-aliasing settings.
  22. Apply a filter to a layer.
  23. Type on a path.
  24. Warp text.
  25. How many font types should you limit to any one image?
  26. Give two ways you can use type as effective design element (6-34).
  27. Name a site where you could get a font from?
  28. List steps necessary for installing fonts.
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