Friday, Oct. 10

Photoshop Chapter 6 Test

  • Create a 500 x 500 pixel image, resolution 225 (for print) and CMYK color mode with a white background.
  • Turn on Character Panel
  • Create a horizontal type layer. Type your name using a san serif font type and the point size of 20
  • Duplicate the layer and move the duplicated layer to another position within the document.
  • On the duplicated name, change the horizontal spacing to 180%.
  • Add a drop shadow to the original layer.
  • Create a vertical type layer, put in the year of graduation using a serif font.
  • Change the color of the year using the following C=73, M=94, Y=1, K-0.
  • Create a layer style named “test” on the layer you added the drop shadow to.
  • Apply the saved layer style to the year type layer.
  • Create another type layer on path using the word “congrats’.
  • Print, scale to 200% with corner crop marks.
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