April 1

This week we:

Printed a contact sheet (5 columns x 6 rows).

Shared the Illustrator question results with Mr. Pung’s email through Google Docs.

Used one of the many designs, including the graffiti name, to make a tshirt.

Now we are:

1) Design three multi-colored and monochrome logo designs using our initials and a shape.

2) Create a document in Illustrator that defines logo types (Lettermark, Wordmark, Brandmark, Iconic) – Find three of each.

3) Create a bubble map in Illustrator showing 5 principles of effective logo  design.

4) Color Meaning – https://pungohs.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/colormeaning.pdf

5) Typography – https://pungohs.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/typographymoodfont.pdf

6) Revamp three initials logos. (explain why you used the color and font).

Make one a lettermark, brandmark, iconic

7) Create four logos for a company. (explain why you used the color and font)

lettermark, wordmark, brandmark, iconic

8) Create three logos for your graduating class. Fit within 2.5″ square frame.


  • “Class of” – optional
  • Year
  • School Name (long or short version)
  • Mascot Must be on one of three logos
  • Colors (2) – gold – cec778, b8860b, cc9933 purple – 663399, 330033, 000033


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