’10-’11 Certified Students

Photoshop CS5 ’10-’11

Abner, Heather

Adamo, Frank

Bucio, Angelina

Coleman, Bradley

Greseth, Jacob

Jansen, Kayla

Levins, Bryan “Jim”

Prescott, Shyanne

Radford, Jared

Smith, Alexis

Whitlock, Savana

Dominguez, Mauro

Moore, Megan

Ng, Zhu Hung

Robledo, Isaac

Sanchez, Francisco

Smith, Jeb

Suarez, Phillip

Torres, Alexis

Trejo, Ana

Wilson, Jared

Aguirre, Brenda

Anselmo, Lucina

Boggs, Joshua

Born, Ryan

Brandel, Ryan

Brown, Jeremy

Castaneda, Aracely

Hedrick, Seth

Johns, Cody

Pineda, Kevin

Mims, Wesley


Flash CS5 ’10-’11

Mims, Wesley


Dreamweaver CS5 ’10-’11

Mims, Wesley


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