Flash Materials

December 2016

  • Converting a graphic into a symbol type with an independent timeline
  • Import video as an external video without playback component and skin
  •  Without deleting the sign on the stage, swap it with the imported bitmap
  • Test the movie and use the output and timeline panels to identify the action script error for the button.  Fix the file so that it plays without error
  • In symbol editing mode, edit the buttons over state by changing the fill color
  • Create a motion tween for the symbol. In frame 24 position the symbol 400 on the x axis and 250 on the y
  • Ho to place an audio file on a specific frame on the timeline
  • What device should be used with a banner ad of 980 pixels
  • How to compact a video with an audio file?
  • Why use the different file types
  • How to add an instance
  • More information on the publishing settings
  • How to close a tab group then synch the settings to creative cloud
  • Which three formats can be used with Dreamweaver
  • Text attribution buttons in live view


What does a storyboard not do?

  • Timeline for project
  • transitions
  • placing

Over, Up, Down, Hit – Which one is viewed before the user interacts with the button?

What format do you use for mobile phones?

Banner measurements for mobile websites, iPhones, Androids, and desktops?

Banner of 980 pixels by 220 pixels is best used on what device?

How do you mask a layer?

Fixing an error on a certain symbol?


Deblocking file types

Adding tint

Purpose of Flash elements

Preview animation in timeline

Change transparency to 50%

What is another word for negative space?

What color is a shape tween

How shape tweens relate to symbols

How ActionScript works

How to put Mp3 file from library on frame one of a layer

Creating motion tween

Fixing errors

Putting sound onto a layer

How to fix an error using the timeline and output layer

What a space is called with a negative space

How to make a mask without right clicking

Flash file types

Practices that do not follow design principles

Which characteristics of an audience for a role-playing game

What allows ActionScript to target objects

How to properly use ActionScript


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