Illustrator Material


March 2

  • Converting to Vector Image Trace
  • Exporting
  • Gradients
  • Exporting and Saving for Web
  • Removing a guide
  • Backward compatibility
  • Clipping mask
  • Setting up project steps
  • Saving new document
  • Interacting with clients on a design project
  • Image trace – converting to paths
  • File type has points as the default setting
  • Tint
  • Blend tool wouldn’t work
  • Add drop shadow
  • Anchor points
  • Type fonts
  • Updating color swatches
  • Remove a guide
  • Blend using layers
  • Prepare a workspace for a customer
  • Save specific slice of an object
  • Update cmyk
  • All white cmyk
  • Matching panels
  • Create artboard
  • 3D graphics
  • Something to drop shadow
  • Saving making new library
  • File types


panels Select and remove unused swatches


Create a new color swatch. Name it New Color. The color type should be Process Color and the Color Mode should be RGB. Set R to 73, G to 21 and B to 52.


It is important to keep your Illustrator documents organized. Change Layer 1 of the document to have a label of flower.


shapes Make shapes (fill, stroke (weight))

Shape Builder Tool

Apply cmyk red to fill shape

circle edge rectangle


You would like to create a pond similar to that shown in the image. What tool would be best suited for creating this object?

___ Circle Tool

___ Pen Tool

___ Ellipse Tool

___ Pencil Tool


Create an illustration of a three layer cake similar to that shown in the included image. Be sure that your illustration is built using 6 rectangles, and an ellipse. Note: You cake does not have to be perfect.


Create a rectangle around the rose and give it an opacity of 40%.


What is the difference between the Pen tool and the Pencil tool?

___ The pen tool allows you to free-draw, while the pencil tool is for straight lines and curves

___ They are the same

___ The pen tool is only used for colors, while the pencil tool is for black and white

___ The pen tool is used for straight lines and curves, while the pencil tool allows free-drawing


You have scanned drawing into your computer and have imported it into Illustrator. You now want to hand trace the scanned image in Illustrator. Which tool would you use to allow for easy manipulation of your tracing in the future?

___ The Pen Tool

___ The Paintbrush Tool

___ The Pencil Tool

___ The Blob Brush Tool


Live corners feature


Text wrap Make text wrap around the graphic.
Text Change text depth


Update text


Center Align the text.


It is important to have an understanding of font types. What is the font type that has leading edges or tails?

___ A Script typeface font

___ A Sans-serif font

___ A Serif font

___ Single typeface

___ Center Align text


Add text above the smiley face graphic that say: Don’t forget to…


Change the tracking for all of the text to be 25. Note: Use the character panel found in the navbar.


Change the font that is currently displayed above the tree to have the font type Times New Roman.


Change Leading


Lighten up font color


Curves Make curves smooth?


Make edges of star curved


Equally scaled star points


What is a Bezier curve?

___ A curve with a perfectly rounded angel

___ A curve with a slightly pointed angel

___ A curve that cannot be scaled or easily manipulated

___ A curve that can be scaled and manipulated easily


Color Change gradient


Add Gradient


Blend Options
Update Color


Change Tint of 70%


Create gradient mesh


Center Gradient Mesh


Radial Gradient


Change the path color for the smile group object to be CMYK orange.


Create a radial gradient in the top petal of the flower. Make the gradient be white/green (white in the center, green on the outside). Use CMYK green as your green color.


Add CMYK red as a fill color to the top petal of the flower.


Apply dark red color to gradient without access to the swatches


Copy and paste the globe when it won’t let you select anything




Layers Make layers separate

Blend layers

Add Layers

Separate sub-layers into single layers

How to make layers out of objects on a layer


Convert Convert
Brush What does the Blob Brush tool do?

_____Draws thick round paths.

_____Draws filled, compound paths.

_____Draws symbols along a path.

_____Draws patches of symbols along a path.


Which three options are default brush types?


_____Bristle brush

_____Pattern brushes

_____Vector brush


Change the blob brush tool options to have a fidelity of 16, smoothness of 75%, size of 10, angle of 135, and roundness of 45%.


What keyboard command(s) is (are) used to quickly access the Paintbrush tool?

___ Shift+B

___ P

___ B

___ Shift+P


Principles How can you make your workflow easier and more organized?

_____ Group your items together

_____ Create multiple artboards.

_____ Use Layers to organize your items.

_____ Use the Blob Brush Tool to combine items.


What is the rule of thirds?

___ A rule stating that all images should not be centered

___ A guideline to divide an image into nine equal parts, that states that compositional elements should be place along the lines or intersections of these parts

___ A guideline to divide an image into three equal parts, that states that compositional elements should be placed only in the third section

___ A rule stating that all images should be broken into three parts, and all elements should be centered in the middle section.


GE Principle


When is CMYK used?


Which is true of a vector image?

___ Vector images are not good for logo design

___ You cannot combine vector images

___ You can modify vector graphics without losing detail or clarity

___ Vector images can only be created in black and white or greyscale


You are creating an illustration that uses many unrelated images to form a single shape/object. What design principle would be used to give the illustration a strong visual grouping?

___ Contrast

___ Proximity

___ Visual Hierarchy

___ Symmetry


When conveying a new design idea to a client, what is the best way to let them know what you are thinking?

___ Tell them to trust you, you are the designer, after all

___ Explain the design concept, and show them with a sketch

___ Give them a full mock up

___ Explain in words what you have planned


You have a client that has asked you to create a logo for their company. The logo will be used in many sizes and situations. You would want to create their logo as a:






Marks Add crop marks


Group Change the page color for a group object.


Image Trace Image Trace (change, apply: 6 colors, gray scale)


How to trace


Trace and show as outline w/web import


Change a path color to an object


Create a Center gradient mesh on the sky with 15 rows and 15 columns.


Create a 16 color image trace of the picture.


Effects Apply pucker effect

Add a Gaussian blur of 6 pixels to the image.

3D Models and Blurs


Setup Change orientation of document

Change orientation to landscape


Create a new print document with two artboards named Sign Design. Use Letter size and a bleed all the way around of 2pt.


Modify empty art board


What is bleed?

___ A mark on the page that looks like blood

___ An area of the work that extends beyond the actual panel

___ Where the image will be cut when sent to a printer

___ Another word for crop marks



What are bleeds used for?


Save 3 separate artboards in 1 action


Update content



Symbols Place the Vector Pack 11 symbol in the visual center of the blank document.


Add a graphic to a symbol


Create a graphic symbol using the tree image. Name it Tree. Note: Select the tree objects by using Shift-Clicks.


Save the New Button image as a graphic symbol named New Button.


Save Save the image for the Web as a JPEG with medium quality.


Export the document as a BMP named _______. Save it with a Grayscale color mode and a high resolution.


Export 3 separate high resolution art boards


Export your illustration as a png file named cartoonTree to the GMetrix Templates folder.


View the Link Information for the tree image that is in your document.


You created a new Illustrator document that is using the RGB color mode. However, you would like this illustration to be printed when finished. Chang the document’s color mode so that it is set to CMYK.


How to convert colors to monitor colors


Scale Scale the smile graphic so that it is 50% smaller.


Slice Slice Tool


Mask Clipping Mask


Use a clip mask so that only the smiley face is shown in your document. Note: A black circle is in the document to be used in the creation of the clip mask.


Make an opacity mask to blend two objects together

View How to show the transparent grid


You would like to view Smart Guides in your document. Where can Smart Guides be found and enabled?

___ In the menu bear, under the Edit drop down

___ In the menu bar, under the Edit/Preferences options

___ In the menu bar, under the View drop down

___ In the menu bar, under the Select drop down


Turn of guidelines

Reflect You have created a graphic that you want to have printed onto a T-shirt. Reflect your graphic so that it is ready to apply to the T-shirt.


Style Add Style to something
Pencil Change the options for the pencil tool so that what is drawn is less precise and more even.

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