InDesign Material

Number on pages


Export one page alone

PDF Interactive Features

Clipping Path

Accurately resize a frame


Create hyperlink


Create a bookmark for a section.

In order to ensure that the design project meets the client’s needs, which three options should you do?

_____ Update the client regularly on the design’s progress.

_____ Minimize delays in the project by revealing plan changes only at final.

_____ Get the client’s approval for any change to the scope of the project.

_____ Present mock ups and sketches to help the client visualize the design.


Create guides that fit to the page with 3 rows and 3 columns. Have a gutter of 1p3 on both the rows and columns.

 Paragraph style-

Create a new paragraph style named _______. Use the following settings, Font Family Bernard MT Size 14pt Alignment Center Optical Kerning

Panels- (turn on, separate, rearrange)

On the pages panel, what three options do you have?

_____ Move

_____ Table Options

_____ Edit Page Size

_____ Duplicate

Stroke and fill-

Add a yellow stroke border around the text frame. Use C=0 M=0 Y=100 K=0

Straight Hash stroke with a gap color of Paper

Text Wrap-

Apply text wrapping to the image so that the text wraps around it.

Detect Edges


Delete a particular swatch



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