Premiere Material


How to undock a panel

Add “wy” Frame

What are horizontal centers?

What’s the difference between Insert vs. Overwrite?

Stage sequence development cuts.

“In Point”?

Timeline panel How to insert an audio clip twice into the timeline

Insert between two existing clips.

Capture Video When creating a file in Photoshop, what format is best to import it into Premiere (jpeg, pdf, etc).
Source Monitor How to use source monitor
Video Transitions Adjusting Transitions

Change default transitions

How do you apply video transitions to all videos at the same time

Crossfades Apply effects to an audio

Render audio

How to set decibels

Constant Power Effect

How to edit audio effects?

How to insert a audio file twice into the sequence the volume to 5.

Volume of an audio track.

J & L Cuts J and L cuts
Media Encoder How to export a single frame

How to special export stuff

Exporting just the audio

Titler Point text in titles

Roll and Crawl

What is A-roll and B-roll?

Text Effects Which option is a curved title? (path, point, roll)

Using the ripple edit tool.

What is it called when the title moves horizontally?

Video Effects
Clip Speed & Direction
Keying Effects

How to work with clips in the Timeline panel

  • Adding a clip to a sequence
  • Removing a clip from a sequence
  • Adding clips to a sequence
  • Making an overlay edit
  • Making an insert edit
  • Using the Delete key and Ripple Delete commands
  • Creating a lift and overlay edit
  • Creating an extract and overlay edit
  • Creating an extract and insert edit



  • Preparing for digital video capture
  • Manually capturing an entire videotape or a tape segment
  • Using Scene Detect when capturing all or part of a DV tape
  • Using the Batch Capture feature
  • Capturing analog video
  • Remove video from camera


How to use editing tools in the Source Monitor

  • Trimming clips in the Source Monitor
  • Using the Source Monitor to add clips to a sequence


How to apply and adjust video transitions

  • Applying and replacing video transitions
  • Overview of video transition settings
  • Adjusting reverse and positional circle settings
  • Adjusting transitions in the Effect Controls time ruler


How to adjust audio and apply crossfades

  • Using keyframes to adjust audio in the Timeline panel
  • Adjusting audio in the Effect Controls panel
  • Working with a crossfade audio transition


How to create TV news-style J- and L-cuts

  • Setting up a J-cut edit
  • Adding and adjusting keyframes in a J-cut
  • Creating an L-cut


How to use Adobe Media Encoder CS6

  • Exporting media from Project panel
  • Batch-processing media with Adobe Media Encoder CS6


How to build text and objects in the Titler

  • Creating point text
  • Creating paragraph text
  • Creating text on a path
  • Creating shapes


How to add text effects

  • Using Titler effects
  • Saving a Titler template
  • How to add graphics and texture to text


How to apply and adjust video effects

  • Applying video effects to clips
  • Adding effects to clips
  • Creating smooth shots with the Warp Stabilizer video effect
  • Using adjustment layers to apply and control effects across multiple clips
  • Adjusting video effect properties and keyframes
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Project 4 guide
  • How to apply and adjust video effects 11
  • Applying effects to text or graphics


How to change clip speed and direction

  • Using the Rate Stretch tool
  • Using the Time Remapping video effect


How to apply and adjust video keying effects

  • Using chroma/color keying effects (Windows only)
  • Using the Color Key effect
  • Using the Luma Key
  • Using matte keys (Three garbage matte tips)
  • Using the Track Matte Key
  • Making a traveling matte
  • Using the Ultra Key effect