Doodle for Google October

What Makes Me…Me

Contest Opens October 19

From Past Contests

Thoughtful and constructive critique from others is an important part of the creative process. In this activity, you will critique an anonymous classmate’s doodle. As you write and present your feedback, consider the questions below. Be prepared to answer at least one or two of the questions under each element in your review.

Describe: Strictly what you see. No judgment

● What do you think the artist wants to do to make the world better?

● How did the artist represent this action?

● What are your first impressions? What stands out to you?

● What objects or actions do you see in the doodle?

● What colors and shapes are used?

● Is there one central element that draws your eyes toward it or many smaller elements on which to focus?

Analyze: How the artist’s choices create the overall impression of the artwork

● Why do you think the artist chose to include the illustrations he or she did?

● What artistic choices did the artist make?

● What shapes, forms, and lines did the artist choose and why?

● What shading choices did the author make and why?

● What mood does the doodle evoke?

● How do the technical elements contribute to the mood?

Interpret: Apply your own theories about the author’s purpose and choices

● What is the artist trying to say in the doodle?

● Why do you think the artist is trying to say this?

● Why do you think the artist made the artistic choices he or she did?

Evaluate: Draw conclusions and reach judgments.

● What stands out to you as the most important part of the doodle, and why?

● What elements of the doodle do you think work the best?

● Do you think the artist was successful in communicating his or her vision? If so, why? If not, what could he or she have done differently?

Suggest: Make specific suggestions for how the artist could improve their work

● What is a specific suggestion for how the author could make the doodle more effective? This could be color choice, objects used, where objects are placed, use of the word, “Google,” etc.

● How could the artist implement this suggestion?

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