Preparing an Autobiography

Objective:         You will be given an outline to follow in writing an autobiography.

You have probably prepared an autobiography in previous classes, so this is nothing new to most of you.  This assignment is to tell your teacher about yourself and to give thought about your plans.

The following outline is given to you to help you collect your thoughts in organizing and writing your paper.


  1. Family
  2. Birth and childhood experiences
  3. First memories
  4. Early education


  1. Courses best liked and why
  2. Courses least liked and why
  3. Business courses completed or taking
  4. Honors received (if any)
  5. School activities – community activities

What I Am

  1. Assets (your strong points)
  2. Handicaps (this may include hang-ups)
  3. Traits I need to develop
  4. Things and people I like or dislike

Future Plans

  1. Education after high school
  2. Career choice
  3. Goals five years from now


Adjusting Autobiography

Font size:

Font type:

Top .5”
Bottom .7”
Left 1”
Right .5”

First line indented .5”, Justified, Single Spaced, Double Spaced between

Name:  Your name is at the top and Size is doubled (24), you can choose a type

Inserting Picture:
1)     Make sure autobiography is opened
2)     Go to Insert, Picture
3)     Choose your picture (w:/1_pung/1_classes/images/students/current year/class) and press Enter or Click “OK”

Moving/Resizing/Presentation of Picture:
4)    Click on Picture, “Size” Section. Choose 2.3” width, press Enter.
5)    “Arrange” Section, Position, Top Right – then move the picture down so that the top of the picture is smooth with the top line of text in the first paragraph and the right edge is smooth with the right edge of the text.
6)     Picture Border, Black, Weight 2 ¼”
7)     Picture Effects – Shadow, Outer, Offset Diagonal Bottom Left

Make sure instructor approves to print.

Grading: (100 pts.)
20 – spelling, etc.
15 – details
15 – organization
50 – completion


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