Drawings – Due – November 30th (17-18) – 30 drawings scanned and put on padlet.com

Terms – Due – December 7th (17-18) posted on padlet.com

Certification Exam – November 14/15 and December 12/13

Day 3 (10/20):

Photoshop Exploration Day

  1. Find and do tutorial
  2. Submit through Google Drive shared folder


Day 2 (10/19):

Work with Layer Masks

  1. Watch Session 3:  [12 minutes]
  2. Fill-in-the-Blank Session 3: Questions 4-6
  3. Session 3 Project 3: Working with Layer Masks (workbook page 62)

Day 1 (10/18):

  1. Pre Assessment
  2. Understand Layers
    1. Video:  (10 minutes)
    2. Fill in the Blanks – Questions 1-3
    3. Project Page 59-60 (Handout) – All About Layers
    4. Project Page 61 – Working with Layer Comps





Files for chapters should be completed before dates listed above.  Students will be required to print contact sheets and complete the corresponding quiz on or before the listed dates. 

Additional Projects/Assignments will be added throughout the course of the nine weeks.

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