Discussion Topics:
Certification Results
Doodle for Google
Notice: Terms are Due March 1st (2016-2017)

This is a drawing program made by Adobe. This will be our primary focus this nine weeks.

Certification Results
Congrats to those that passed the PS Certification Exam. The majority of you have consistently improved. Way to go! We will continue to take the exam at least once ever two weeks. Be sure to study.

Doodle for Google
There will be more information about this in the future. We usually do this late February, early March. Take a look at the site, look at past examples/winners, and start planning for your doodle now.


There are gif files located in the Doodle for Google folder in 1_pung/1_classes
Remember to use ROYALTY FREE IMAGES! If you are not sure, then don’t use.

Is Doodle a grade? YES even with parent permission! I have forms and they must be signed for full credit unless there is a parent note attached. Regardless of signature or other information you must have a title and the 50 words.

Digital Design Third Nine Weeks Check Dates

Arts – Use this link and scroll to bottom of page
Pop Art
Guided  (Images –  W:\1_Pung\1_templates\workshops\ayers_photoshop)
On your own

Comic Pop Art
Guided  (Images –  W:\1_Pung\1_templates\workshops\ayers_photoshop)
On your own

Size 5” x 5”, 225, CMYK Background, 2 foreground images, 2 text areas, filter effect on image, style effect on text

Cow Parade

Graduation Cover
Design a cover to be used for Graduation & Baccalaureate to include both dates, times and locations. This design should incorporate two colors for the “Graduation Ceremony” but must be able to be printed as one color for the “Baccalaureate”.
purple 4a3877, 663399, 330033, 000033, 6d2c92
gold – cec778, b8860b, cc9933

Motto: “Chase your dreams, but always know the road that’ll lead you home again.” – Tim McGraw
Color: ___________________
Class Flower: Purple Water Lilly
Class song: Hold onto the memories – Corey Tynan

Baccalaureate: June 5, 2015 7:00 pm OHS Gymnasium
Graduation: June 6, 2015 7:00 pm Agri-Civic Center

Scholarship Cover
Using the same information, design a cover to be used for “Scholarship Night”.
Scholarship Night: May 21, 2015 6:00 pm OHS Auditorium

Adobe Ilustrator Chp 1 Check

  • Motocross.ai (1-23)
  • Objects.ai (1-32)
  • Groups.ai (1-35)Basic Shapes.ai (1-53)
  • Direct Selections.ai (1-61)
  • Winning Business Collateral.ai (1-75)
  • 1-76: Model.ai
  • 1-78: Object Skills.ai
  • 1-79: Group Skills
  • 1-81: Flag.ai
  • 1-83: Artboard Skills

Adobe Illustrator Chp 1 Test

Adobe Illustrator Chp 2 Check

  • Diamond Text.ai (2-13)
  • Berry Symposium.ai (2-33)
  • 2-34: Restaurant Logo.ai

Adobe Illustrator Chp 2 Test

Adobe Illustrator Chp 3 Check

  • Straight Lines.ai (3-9)
  • Curved Lines 1.ai (3-14)
  • Curved Lines 2.ai (3-17)
  • Snowball Parts.ai (3-35)
  • Snowball Assembled.ai (3-35)
  • Live Trace Sketch.ai (3-44)
  • Live Trace Photo.ai (3-47)
  • Live Paint Circles.ai (3-50)
  • Live Paint Dog.ai (3-53)
  • 3-54: Mighty Montag.ai
  • 3-56: Skills Trace Photo.ai
  • 3-57: Live Paint Skills.ai

Adobe Illustrator Chp 3 Test

Adobe Ilustrator Chp 4 Check

Data Files

  • Mod Clock.ai (4-9)
  • Shear.ai (4-10)
  • Reflect.ai (4-11)
  • Distort in Perspective.ai (4-13)
  • Squares.ai (4-16)
  • Outlined Stroke.ai (4-17)
  • Simple Compound.ai (4-20)
  • Compound Path Effects.ai (4-21)
  • Heart Parts.ai (4-29)
  • Divide.ai (4-30)
  • Compound Shapes.ai (4-31)
  • Compound Shape Effects.ai (4-33)
  • Shape Builder.ai (4-37)
  • Simple Masks.ai (4-40)
  • Magnify.ai (4-42)
  • Mask Effects.ai (4-44)
  • Draw Inside.ai (4-45)
  • 4-46: Transformations.ai
  • 4-47: Compounded.ai
  • 4-47: Shape Builder Skills.ai
  • 4-47: Masked Paths.ai

Adobe Illustrator Chp 4 Test

Adobe Illustrator Chp 5 Check

Data Files

      • Living Room.ai
      • Showroom.ai
      • Living Room Flat.ai
      • 5-30: Gary.ai
      • 5-32: Xanadu.ai

Adobe Illustrator Chp 5 Test

Illustrator Paper – Why! – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qbRWRZ_9PToxq0ZdKJh9LWN4Vx1M1A_GybS15euIRHI/viewform

Drawings Due

Terms Due

Design Using Illustrator

  • Doodle for Google
  • Graffiti Mark
  • Animal
  • Tshirt Design
  • Initials Logo
  • Business Logo


Files for chapters should be completed before dates listed above.  Students will be required to print contact sheets and complete the corresponding quiz on or before the listed dates. 

Additional Projects/Assignments will be added throughout the course of the nine weeks.


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