Photography (Standard 23.03) – May 10 (18-19) post on photography padlet.com

  • Viewpoint
  • Symmetry and Patterns
  • Experimentation

Terms (Various Standards) – Due – May 17 (18-19) posted on padlet.com



Our focus will be on learning InDesign.

Current Event Collage

Collage, Composite image, current events, juxtaposition, photoshop
This lesson is the end cap to many smaller lessons that acclimate students to the PS workspace, selection tools, photo editing options, blending modes, and color replacement tool. Students learn about juxtaposition and storytelling in artwork. Students then choose a current event from the past year and create a composite image to tell the story of that current event. Since they are using images from the web, it is required that they change images dramatically as well as create a works cited to give credit to the original owner of the photo. Students really enjoy this assignment because it allows them to choose their own area of interest while still meeting the goals of the assignment. Students participate in a group critique at the end of the assignment.

Students will be able to successfully utilize juxtaposition in digital artwork in order to convey concepts and ideas to the viewer. Students will able to successfully utilize a variety of Photoshop CC tools, specifically the lasso tools, quick select, magic wand, select by color range, blending mode and color replacement tool.

  • 10 Drawings
  • Certification
  • Graffiti Art
  • Principles of Logo Design
  • 4 Logos
  • Personal Logo
  • Business Logo
  • Class Logo
  • Color Meaning
  • Typography
  • Tshirt Design
  • Key Tag
  • Button
  • Certification
  • CTE Logo w/9 programs
  • Graduation Cover
  • Scholarship Cover
  • ID Headlines
  • ID Newspaper Ad
  • ID senior Ad
  • ID Spread
  • Vocab – May 12
  • Word Certification
  • Excel Certification



Digital Design Fourth Nine Weeks Check Dates

Live Paint – Color using Live Paint.

  1. Open file in Illustrator.
  2. Select image.
  3. Click Image Trace. You may have to adjust threshold.
  4. Click Expand
  5. Select Object menu, Live Paint, Make.
  6. Click the Live Paint Tool
  7. Select color
  8. Move mouse over area where you want to color and click.


Create a 2 inch button

Make a 2 1/4″ circle with a 2 pt. center stroke

Design something within that area.

Remove Stroke


Create Button

Key Tag

1.28″ x 1.72″

Event Promotion

This year we will be designing the poster for the upcoming play.

  • Movie
  • Concert
  • Play

Must include use of images, text, brushes, styles, filters. Must have WOW FACTOR!

CD Cover– research and create a label and cover for a musician’s next release 4.75” x 4.75” Photoshop Has to look like previous covers. Find two covers and save.

Most Covers have:

  • Background
  • Foreground
  • Name of Artist/Band
  • Name of Album

Color Meaning

Why is the sign for Home Depot orange?

Why are these walls cream?

Find out these and other answers by completing the attached pdf. ColorMeaning

Turning In – share Google Doc with pungohs@gmail.com

Typography (Mood/Font)

Did you know that fonts have moods?

Find out more when you complete the attached pdf. TypographyMoodFont

Turning In – share Google Doc with pungohs@gmail.com

Typography Refresher

Character Palette Exercise


  1. Logo Worksheet – Document & 10 Questions W:\1_Pung\1_classes\1_DDI\logo_signage_stuff\logos.docx
  2. Logo Types (Lettermark, Wordmark, Brandmark, Iconic) – Find three of each.
  3. Logo Design – 5 principles of Effective Logo Design
  4. Logo Initials (3) – Use your three initials, sort of like a brand for cattle or embroidery.
  5. Logo Company (3) – Make at least three, pick a new company.
  6. Logo Grad Night Party (1)


Chapter 1

  • Dessert Menu
  • Objects

Chapter 2

  • Min-Pin Intro
  • Jake’s Diner
  • Final Edit
  • TOC

Chapter 3

  • Setup
  • Wraps and Sections

Chapter 4

  • Orientation
  • Alignment
  • Distribution
  • Stack & Layer
  • Layers Intro
  • Flowers
  • AutoFlow

Restore Photos (Pick 4) http://ohsbusiness.okee.k12.fl.us/ps/ps_tutorials.htm 

  1. Red Eye
  2. Creases/Wrinkle Removal
  3. Cutting Faces
  4. Color to Black & White
  5. Dark Circles
  6. Need a Flash
  7. Too Much Flash
  8. Underexposed Photo
  9. Photo Enhancement

Turning In – make contact sheet, US Letter, 2×2, name in header

Yearbook Ads

a) Symmetrical Ad Using the photoshop template found in 1_classes/1_DD1, create a full page Senior Ad for yourself. Background Images not skewed Border on all images Shape Brush Warp main name Style Effect to main name

TURNING IN – Print at 50%

b) Asymmetrical Ad (Digital Scrapbooking) – This is more of a free-for-all design. Your design must have at least six photos. You can search digital scrapbooking. Pinterest and scrapbook.com are two sites we use. Feel free to find your own resources and share with the class. When completed, you must have the original inspiration file as well.

Design Sets

Use Publisher to create the three most common documents used in business. Make sure to be consistent with EVERYTHING. Remove default logo and any additional address lines not used. Also it’s “FL”!

  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • #10 Envelope

Turning In – save each as jpg, Create New Letter Document, Insert all three Pictures, Add Border (1 to 3 pt.) to each, Rotate/Stagger each, Print to OKI

Newsletter About OHS 

Create a newsletter/newspaper for OHS.


  1. Flyer – create a flyer explaining the different types of FOLDS Folds: (Gate, Bi, Tri, Z, & Accordion)
  2. Brochure – create a tri-fold brochure explaining BINDING & PAPER Binding: (spiral – metal & plastic, saddle stitch, ring, perfect) Paper: (Common American Sizes – letter, legal, ledger/tabloid, statement Types – bond, book, text, newsprint, cover stock, glossiness, dot gain Weight)
  3. Invitation
  4. Campaign Ad Flyer/Poster, Business Card, Letterhead, Fax Coversheet, 3-fold f&b Brochure, Invitation, Banner, Button, T-Shirt, Bumper Sticker
  5.  Certificate of Completion


  • Newspaper Ad
  • Senior AD


  • Duplicate Menu
  • Duplicate Advertisement

Terms Due


Files for chapters should be completed before dates listed above.  Students will be required to print contact sheets and complete the corresponding quiz on or before the listed dates. 

Additional Projects/Assignments will be added throughout the course of the nine weeks.


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