1st Nine

Students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and abilities by tackling various projects related to real-life situations. Use of such skills as critical thinking, organization, time management, collaboration, and aptitude are put to the test to conquer all that is planned for them throughout this course. Software titles include: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), CamStudio, and PhotoStory3. Emerging technologies are also used for collaboration and showing of work.

Purple (#663399) & Old Gold (#cec778)


  1. WordPress
  2. Symbaloo
  3. Padlet
  4. Vimeo
  5. Adode

Career Prep

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter


  1. Fall Sports Schedule Poster
  2. Play Packet (Poster, Ticket, Tshirt)
  3. Homecoming Logo
    Our theme this year is Bright lights U.S. Cities, can you have your class start designing a ticket for the homecoming dance. We will start selling tickets Oct 2. The following information needs to be on the ticket.
    Date: Saturday October 14
    Time: 7-11pm
    location: OHS Cafeteria
    See code of conduct for Dress Code.
    The tickets need to numbered 001- 400
  4. Powder Puff Logo
  5. Sophomore Class Shirt

Logo Contest

Research – Pick One Topic
Find Website (Informative), Video (Informative), Article (Current, in the news), Wordle (combine words related to topic)

  1. Elements of Design
  2. Questionnaire – 25 Questions to ask when making someone a logo
  3. Career Sheet
  4. Local Media Advertisement & Costs
  5. The Ethics of Digital Manipulation http://www.astropix.com/HTML/J_DIGIT/ETHICS.HTM
  6. photo hoaxes
  7. Power words – Marketing/Ads (20)
  8. Becoming a freelancer
  9. Business side of design
  10. Occupational awareness
  11. Marketing
  12. Marketing Yourself
  13. Advertising Tips
  14. File Formats for images (list & explain at least 3)
  15. Image Types (explain: Vector-Based vs Raster-Based)


  1. Landscape
  2. Still Life
  3. Portraits and Figure
  4. Motion
  5. Animals

Video (Movie Maker/PhotoStory) – http://bobbyohs.wordpress.com/videos/first-nine-weeks/videos-on-wordpress/

  1. Training Video (How to Photoshop) – Use CamStudio to record you doing something.
  2. Pictures to Song (ie – “My Town”)
  3. Future Plans (Design Career) – 30 seconds about a design career.


  1. LearnKey
  2. digitalartanddesign.org


Typographic Illustration 01 Typographic Illustrations.pptx






Photographic Doodle Manipulation 02 PhotographicDoodleManipulation.pptx
iTunes Gift Card Challenge 03 iTunes Gift Card Directions.docx
Textured Photos 04 Textured Photos.pptx
Patterns 05 Romero Britto-digtial project.pptx
Zodiac Poster 17 Zodiac Poster.pptx
Vector Portrait

Vector Movie Poster

18 vector movie poster.pptx
Skewed Proportion Project – Miny Me (put yourself in an image, like on a teacup – see image) 24 teacup example.jpg

Seven Favorite Things

Picture Tells 1000 Words – http://layersmagazine.com/photoshop-cs4-a-picture-worth-a-thousand-words.html
Download – Create using Brush/Shape/Pattern/Filter/Texture/Style/Action/Swatch
Download – Create using new Font


Brush (abr) Shape (csh) Pattern (pat) Filter (8bf) Texture (jpg) Style (asl) Action (atn) Swatch (aco) Font

Artistic Photoshop

  1. Pop Art Cans – Directed (Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Keith Haring)
  2. Pop Art Your Image –
  3. Comic Strip comicstrip – Directed (Roy Lichtenstein)
  4. Comic Strip Person
  5. Peter Max PeterMax


  1. Powder Puff Logo
  2. Homecoming Logo2
  3. 2017 Logo Art – Typography
  4. QuickTrans – Redo 4
Type 25 type.pptx
Fun With Typography 26 fun with typography.pptx
Low Poly Project 27 Low Poly Project.pptx




Cute Panda http://vectips.com/tutorials/create-a-cute-panda-bear-face-icon/
Zoom-eye creatures http://turbomilk.com/downloads/zoom_eyed/
Little Red Riding Hood http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-draw-little-red-riding-hood-with-basic-shapes-in-adobe-illustrator–vector-8967
Monster http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/how-to-create-a-cute-hairy-vector-monster-character


  1. Campaign Packet – Design (Flyer, Poster, Business Card, Letterhead, Brochure, Newsletter, Invitation, Banner, Button, T-Shirt, Bumper Sticker, Yard Sign)

Photoshop.com (Photoshop Express Editor)

  1. Should Create Account
  2. Post Some Work Done
  3. Share Albums

Folder Collection

  1. Preprinted Envelope
  2. Letterhead
  3. Business Card
  4. Fax Cover Sheet
  5. Address Labels
  6. Greeting Card
  7. Menu From Restaurant
  8. Have Your Hands on a DVD/Game

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