Academic Vocabulary

2014-2015 – Academic Vocabulary Weekly Lists

1st Quarter

1st Quarter
Date Word
Week 1 Aug 18-22
Week 2 Focus: Transform
Mon 25-Aug adjust
Tues 26-Aug conform
Wed 27-Aug emphasize
Thurs 28-Aug modify
Fri 29-Aug transform
Week 3 Focus: Transform
Mon 1-Sep  
Tues 2-Sep edit
Wed 3-Sep paraphrase
Thurs 4-Sep revise
Fri 5-Sep rewrite
Week 4 Focus: Transform
Mon 8-Sep adapt
Tues 9-Sep convert
Wed 10-Sep manipulate
Thurs 11-Sep refine
Fri 12-Sep substitute
Week 5 Focus: Transform
Mon 15-Sep alter
Tues 16-Sep rearrange
Wed 17-Sep shape
Thurs 18-Sep strengthen
Fri 19-Sep  
Week 6 Focus: Transform
Mon 22-Sep accentuate
Tues 23-Sep replace
Wed 24-Sep shift
Thurs 25-Sep tailor
Fri 26-Sep update
Week 7 Focus: Symbolize
Mon 29-Sep act out
Tues 30-Sep conceptualize
Wed 1-Oct diagram
Thurs 2-Oct represent
Fri 3-Oct visualize
Week 8 Focus: Symbolize
Mon 6-Oct chart
Tues 7-Oct demonstrate
Wed 8-Oct graph
Thurs 9-Oct imagine
Fri 10-Oct symbolize
Week 9 No Vocab – 9 Weeks Tests & PSAT
October 13-17

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