Academic Vocab 2nd

2014-2015 – Academic Vocabulary Weekly Lists

2nd Quarter

2nd Quarter
Date Word
Week 10 Focus: Symbolize
Mon 20-Oct No students
Tues 21-Oct depict
Wed 22-Oct illustrate
Thurs 23-Oct map
Fri 24-Oct model
Week 11 Focus: Execute
Mon 27-Oct advance
Tues 28-Oct conduct
Wed 29-Oct employ
Thurs 30-Oct execute
Fri 31-Oct navigate
Week 12 Focus: Miscellaneous
Mon 3-Nov share
Tues 4-Nov categorize
Wed 5-Nov connect
Thurs 6-Nov match
Fri 7-Nov sort
Week 13 Focus: Miscellaneous
Mon 10-Nov figure out
Tues 11-Nov consult
Wed 12-Nov trace
Thurs 13-Nov apply
Fri 14-Nov simplify
Week 14 Focus: Miscellaneous
Mon 17-Nov translate
Tues 18-Nov calculate
Wed 19-Nov compute
Thurs 20-Nov improve
Fri 21-Nov no vocab
Week 15 Thanksgiving Break
Week 16 Focus: Hypothesize
Mon 1-Dec approximate
Tues 2-Dec conjecture
Wed 3-Dec consider
Thurs 4-Dec hypothesize
Fri 5-Dec pose
Week 17 Focus: Evaluate
Mon 8-Dec assess
Tues 9-Dec check
Wed 10-Dec critique
Thurs 11-Dec evaluate
Fri 12-Dec judge
Week 18 Semester Exam Week – No Vocabulary
December 15-19

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