Academic Vocab – 3rd

2014-2015 – Academic Vocabulary Weekly Lists

3rd Quarter

3rd Quarter
Date Word
Week 19 January 7-9, 2015  No Vocabulary
Week 20 Focus: Compare/Contrast
Mon 12-Jan classify
Tues 13-Jan differentiate
Wed 14-Jan discriminate
Thurs 15-Jan link
Fri 16-Jan relate
Week 21 Focus: Compare/Contrast
Mon 19-Jan no school
Tues 20-Jan associate
Wed 21-Jan compare
Thurs 22-Jan contrast
Fri 23-Jan distinguish
Week 22 Focus: Reference
Mon 26-Jan acknowledge
Tues 27-Jan cite
Wed 28-Jan plagiarize
Thurs 29-Jan refer
Fri 30-Jan reference
Week 23 Focus: Redo
Mon 2-Feb redo
Tues 3-Feb repeat
Wed 4-Feb reread
Thurs 5-Feb revisit
Fri 6-Feb No vocab
Week 24 Focus: Infer
Mon 9-Feb conclude
Tues 10-Feb deduce
Wed 11-Feb generalize
Thurs 12-Feb infer
Fri 13-Feb reason
Week 25 Focus: Hypothesize
Mon 16-Feb No School
Tues 17-Feb anticipate
Wed 18-Feb experiment
Thurs 19-Feb explore
Fri 20-Feb test
Week 26 Focus: Explain
Mon 23-Feb articulate
Tues 24-Feb describe
Wed 25-Feb narrate
Thurs 26-Feb respond
Fri 27-Feb No vocab
Week 27 Focus: Explain
Mon 2-Mar answer
Tues 3-Mar convey
Wed 4-Mar inform 
Thurs 5-Mar report
Fri 6-Mar summarize
Week 28 March 9-13   9 weeks tests – no vocabulary



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