Photo Collage

Width: 6 inches Height: 4 inches
Resolution: 225 p/i

Step 1: Open the images you plan to work with (phone guy,  keyboard, and adding machine tape). You can create a new larger document if  needed or use one of your opened images as a background. We are going to use  the Keyboard Close-up as the background. Double  click to rename it layer 0.

Step  2: Use the Move Tool to  drag the Phone Guy onto the background. Arrange him where you think he looks  best.

Step  3: Click on the Add Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette (third from left next to the f).

Step  4: Press the D key to set colors to default. Use the gradient tool (if you don’t see it,  click on the paint bucket tool) to drag a gradient through your image. Stop  before you get to the edge of the image or you will see the hard edge. Keep  doing it a little at a time until you reach the desired effect. PRACTICE!

Step  5: Merge down layer. (In the layers palette, to the far right of  the tabs is an arrow in a circle. Click on that and a pop up menu will appear.  Click on Merge Layers.)

Step  6: I repeated steps 2-5 to add the Adding Machine Tape to the  collage.

Step  7: Adding Text: Click on the Text  Tool and type your words. For example, First Union Online Banking. Make  the text white and lower the opacity to around 78.

(Choose the color  from the lower left tool box, and the opacity from the layers palette). For added effect use the layer effect of bevel and emboss (layers palette, lower  left “f”).


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