Cutting Faces Family Portrait

Cutting Faces – Family  Portrait

  1. Open file with family picture
  2. Open file with face to cut
  3. Use the lasso tool and cut around the       face (close to the hair line, close to the ears, and below the chin.
  4. Move the face to the main family       picture
  5. Place the new face in the correct       position.  (You may want to turn the       opacity down so you can line up the eyes exactly).  Turn the opacity back up.
  6. Use a soft eraser and soften the edges       of the face so it blends in with the original.

NOTE:  If you take pictures of the same group a  number of times—you should be able to find faces that are good for  everyone.  Be sure people are looking at  the camera (faces that are turned are very hard to correct).  If you need to bring the face from another  shot—you may have to use the color adjustments to get the same colors.  You may also need to dodge or burn to get the  shadows the same.




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