Photoshop: Can you do these?

  • Principle of bridge
  • How to adjust horizontal text scale
  • How to create a solid fill layer.
  • How to load a saved selcction.
  • How to add sunspots texture to a text layer.
  • How to apply a style not by going to the styles panel above the layers
  • How to make a style
  • How to scale an image to fit print size
  • Scaling a canvas on the right side only
  • Color Range / Replace Color / Unsharpen
    • How to sharpen settings when applying the filter.
    • Sharpen the edges of this image 100% using a radius of 1pt and level of 100
    • How to change radius and threshold
    • Sharpen the text in the writing in the image
  • How to change the image to black and white without using grayscale
  • Vertical gradient with black on top and transparent on the bottom
  • Non-destructive layer
  • How to copy and paste an image
  • Most effective for manipulating objects within an image? Content Aware Fill.
  • How to save an arrangement of panels – Workspace
  • The different fonts to use in a business logo
  • How to make a group layer
  • Layer mask
  • How to place an inner glow – Effects



  • layers – non-destructive vs. destructive
  • modes – CMYK vs RGB
  • image types –gif, jpg, png-8, png-24
  • print – scale, view print size, working cmyk
  • view – rulers, guides, proof setup
  • filters
  • inserting an image – open, place, load selection, copying from one file to another
  • palettes/panels – on & off, moving,d ocking
  • sizing – image size, resolution, canvas size
  • adjustments – saturation, levels, black & white, fuzziness/tolerance (unsharpen mask vs. Color Range)
  • selecting – tools, inversing, adding to, removing from
  • text – new, scaling, modifying
  • layer effect – shadows, glows, texture to text
  • colors – primary, complimentary, analogous
  • Rule of Thirds – pleasing, tic-tac-toe

– How do you apply a nondestructive mask to a layer?
– Definition of gamut
– What is the rule of thirds?
– What is Adobe bridge used for?
How To Find How To Transfer To A Web Page?
– What Options Are Available For Rendering Intent Under Color Management?
– How To Make A Web Page With Lots Of Images?
– Adding The Threshold To An Object.
– How To Move The Image To The Right By 50 Pixels?
– How To Put A Texture On A Layer?
– Sharpen Edges With Specific Settings.
– How To Sharpen The Edges Change The Threshold To 1, And Set The Sharpen To 100?


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