2nd Nine

Students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and abilities by tackling various projects related to real-life situations. Use of such skills as critical thinking, organization, time management, collaboration, and aptitude are put to the test to conquer all that is planned for them throughout this course. Software titles include: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), CamStudio, and PhotoStory3. Emerging technologies are also used for collaboration and showing of work.

Purple (#663399) & Old Gold (#cec778)

Career Prep


Mary Kay Beauty Bingo for Boobies
Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 630 pm
Location: Pogeys Family Restaurant
There will be games, raffles, giveaways & light refreshments.
All proceeds will be donated to local organization.

It’s breast cancer awareness month so make sure it’s pink themed (ribbons, women, things related to bingo).


Digital Ad (width 1024, height 631)
Winter Sport Packet – Button, Winter Sports Schedule Poster, Tshirt, Bumper Sticker, Banner (Publisher), 4 year letterman
Play Packet (Poster, Ticket, Tshirt) –

Contact Ms. Raulerson 863-462-5025 ext. 8011

Logo Contest

Licensing Types for Software (list & explain at least 3)
Art & Graphic Software [titles, description, cost (list & explain 4)]
Software Download Sites (3)
Image Hosting Sites (3)
What are file formats
What is meant by native
Photo Developing (local stores you can email pictures to and develop)
Power Words – Marketing/Advertising (20)

Simple and complex “graphic” shapes
Patterns, shapes, and lines
Unique perspectives
Black & White

Video (Movie Maker/PhotoStory)
Training Video (How to Photoshop)
Vocational Program – PRIDE

Chapters 3-4

Chapter 3

  1. coolCar.fla (3-6)
  2. carRace.fla (3-12)
  3. sailing.fla (3-32)

Chapter 4

  1. motionTW.fla (4-7)
  2. tweenEdits.fla (4-14)
  3. cTween.fla (4-22)
  4. frameAn.fla (4-26)
  5. frameM.fla (4-28)
  6. AntiqueCar.fla (4-32)
  7. morphCar.fla (4-33)
  8. shapeHints.fla (4-35)
  9. mClip.fla (4-38)
  10. textAn.fla (4-44)

Me & Me
Label – Cereal Box – Front
Label – Can/Jar – Whole Wrap
Movie Poster
Download – Create using Brush/Shape/Pattern/Filter/Texture/Style/Action/Swatch
Download – Create using new Font

Artistic Photoshop
—–Check projects up top, if not there, then ask me. (W:\1_Pung\1_templates\workshops\ayers_photoshop)
Surreal Hat – Directed (Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Joan Miro, Max Ernst)
Surreal Image – On Your Own
Pointilism – Directed (Georges Seurat)
Pointilism – Landscape
Pointilism – City
Posterize/Contour Fashion
Van Gogh – Flower Directed (Vincent Van Gogh)
Van Gogh – On Your Own

4 Logos – One Color CTE Logo
Live Trace the following items

Postage stamp – http://www.vectordiary.com/illustrator/illustrator-stamp-tutorial/
Political cartoons – sketch, scan, trace
Tshirt Design – Quicktrans – Redo 4

4 Design Sets (Flower Shop – Letterhead, Business Card, #10 Envelope)
OCSB Banquet Invitation
Campaign Ad (6-7 items)
Flyer, Poster, Business Card, Letterhead, Fax Coversheet, Brochure, Newsletter, Invitation, Banner, Button, T-Shirt, Bumper Sticker
Duplicate Menu
Duplicate Advertisement
Course Catalog Cover
Types of Printing

·         Crop & Rotate
·         Resize
·         Auto Correct
·         Exposure
·         Red-Eye Removal
·         Touchup
·         Saturation

Folder Collection
Magazine Cover
Advertisement in Newspaper


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